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Share news and information across your campus quickly and easily… Displaying campus news and information is critical to running an effective campus. By using digital signage, your university can easily broadcast messages across the entire campus all on one simple computer network. Here are some of the great benefits our LEDscopic line can offer:

  • Displaying immediate or emergency alerts and updates
  • Post event and activity schedules
  • Announce closures or canceled classes
  • Personalize visitor greetings, welcome notices, and guest announcements
  • Advertise specials, promotions, sales, and menus at bookstores, cafés and other campus shops
  • Broadcast educational programs or remote lectures
  • Post administrative announcements and registration schedules
  • Advertise volunteer opportunities and community outreach programs
  • Share live weather, traffic, stock, and sports information
  • Use as a way-finding tool for visitors and students to get around campus

Some additional features that our signs offer and are capable of include:

  • Artwork options based on easy-to-edit premade templates
  • Live display of weather feeds and updates with our built-in weather app
  • Live RSS, news, and stock market feeds
  • Unlimited technical support and training

Let us help you develop an all in one solution for your LEDscopic needs!

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