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S-Design 4K - Touch Screen Computer Kiosk




Response Time 8ms
Screen Grade A LG LED Screen/4K Screen
Display Mode 9:16
Max Resolution 3840*2160
Dot Pitch 0.4845*0.4845
Brightness 350cd/㎡
Contrast 1200:1
Color 16.7M
Visual Angle 178°/178°/178°/178°


Main Board 1037PC
Wifi Intel Wi-Fi Link 5100
Memory Card 8G
Storage Device 128G SSD
Power Supply Input 12V, 5A

Software Platform

System Platform Window 11 Pro
Features Description Advanced Customization and User Interface: Provides a robust operating system based on Windows, providing extensive customization and flexibility in user interface design. It allows for easy adaptation of the user experience to align with branding and specific needs through intricate layouts, multi-window displays, and advanced navigation options.
Wide Software Compatibility: Experience the freedom of running diverse software applications on our window system-based kiosk OS. Enjoy seamless integration with specialized or legacy software that might not be easily adaptable to the Android platform.
Security and Access Control: Maintain tight security and control over user access with our window system. Define granular permissions and restrict functionalities as needed to ensure a secure and controlled kiosk environment.
Offline Performance: For kiosk applications that demand offline functionality, our window system ensures a smooth user experience even when the internet connection is intermittent or unavailable. Deliver uninterrupted service to users in remote locations.
Effortless Hardware Integration: Our window system-enabled kiosk OS effortlessly integrates with a wide range of hardware peripherals. Connect and use devices like printers, scanners, and specialized input tools with ease, enhancing the capabilities of your kiosk.
Reliability and Stability: Experience unmatched stability and reliability with our window system-powered kiosk OS. Designed for continuous operation, it ensures minimal disruptions, making it ideal for applications requiring non-stop functionality.
Familiar Development Environment: Developers will appreciate the familiarity of working within a traditional desktop environment. Building applications for our window system-based kiosk OS is straightforward and allows for easier adaptation of existing expertise.


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